Welcome to Mary's Place Housing Program

The mission of Mary’s Place Housing Program is to assist individuals and families with average or lower incomes in renting or purchasing a home. Our vision is to provide a pathway to a better tomorrow, and to help to end homelessness.

Mary’s Place Housing Program, is a humanitarian program. We recognize that not everyone is able to rent or purchase a home. Many individuals and families become financially vulnerable when unexpected life situations happen, and many are born into poverty with no hope for a better future. Mary’s Place wants to make a difference in their life journey here on earth. 

Housing Program Commitment

Mary’s Place Housing Program is committed to making a difference, that, hopefully, will have a worldwide effect!  Mary’s Place believes that everyone deserves the right to have a nice place to live in. There are so many people who can not afford to get an education, and thus, are not privy to having the best jobs, or the best income, that will support renting or buying a decent home to live in. Everyone, regardless of their educational or income level, deserves to be provided with a place to live that, is geared to income and affordability.

 Financial Literacy Education should be free, and that is why Mary’s Place Housing Program, is designed to help with,

✓ Credit counselling
✓ Budgeting and savings
✓ Bill payment

Opportunities to Make a Difference

Mary’s Place Housing Program is an opportunity for Lenders, Investors and Individuals to invest in a Humanitarian Housing Project and make a difference in each village, town, or city community. “If We All Help A Little, We All Will Have Helped A Lot”

A Winning Home-Ownership Program