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Housing Program Information

Own Your Home Through Mary’s Place

Have you dreamt of owning your own home, yet for various reasons have been unsuccessful?

* Through Mary’s Housing Program, families and individuals are given assistance to rent a home with a path to homeownership.

* The Program Structure ensures that the project is a safe and sound investment for you and the Mortgage Brokers Team of Lenders or Investors, and guarantees that, the principal value is always protected.



Mary’s Place Housing Program is Necessary

Canadian Mortgage and Rental Qualifications have drastically changed, and not for the better. It is becoming increasingly difficult for families/Individuals to rent or buy a home. Affordable Housing has become a national and international problem.

There have been so many changes as to how families/individuals can qualify to rent a home or qualify for a mortgage to purchase a home. Rental costs have skyrocketed, and mortgage interest rates are still going up. Low income individuals and families have been pushed aside and are no longer able to compete.

The Mary’s Place Housing Program is on a mission, to fill the gaps, where inflation in the Real Estate Markets, have made rental and homeownership almost impossible for the average wage earner, and homelessness is a real threat to everyone. We’re hoping that our Mortgage Brokers Team of Lenders and all Investors, advertisers and subscribers will be on board to assist us to make this project possible. We are in the birthing stages now and will have an update soon.

Please visit our Investors and Membership pages, to see how you can help us to make this project a reality.

Email: HousingProgram@marysplace.ca       Tel: 613.622.2384