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Become an Investor or Lender, in our Mary’s Place Housing Program and work with us to build Affordable Smaller Homes, to create communities that, will provide every Individual and Family with a “Truly Affordable”, place to live. Help us to help to end Homelessness!

Consider purchasing a Subscription Membership, or Advertising, with us, to help us, to build these Smaller, more Affordable, Housing Communities!

 We also want to provide, better Transitional Apartments, as opposed to using shelters, for our unhoused families, until we can get them into permanent “Truly Affordable Housing”!

More and more entire families are becoming homeless/unhoused, and we need better accommodations for them. Most of these families are working families, who cannot afford the high rental costs that have been inflicted upon us since COVID, when the cost of living soared to an unsustainable level for so many. They are living in their vehicles with their children.

We accept etransfers, to Subscriptions@marysplace.ca . You can also use our Stripe Credit/Debit Card Processing Platform at,  https://marysplace.ca/individual-membership/  

“If We All Help A Little, We All, Will Have Helped A Lot”!