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Founder's Message

Mary’s Place Housing Program is an opportunity for Investors and Individuals to invest in a Humanitarian Housing Project

It is an opportunity for each of us to invest in our communities and give all individuals and families, both Nationally and Internationally,   affordable housing choices, and help to prevent Homelessness.

Our Goal is to help people with average or lower incomes to have affordable housing! This is a win win rental and homeownership program. The Program Structure makes sure that the project is a safe and sound investment, for both the homeowner and the Lenders and Investors.  The Project Structure guarantees that the principal value is always protected.  Revenue from our Subscription and advertising programs, will assist our most vulnerable citizens to have an affordable place to live.

The program is for everyone! Everyone deserves the right to have a nice place to live in. Hardworking Individuals and Families deserve the right to own or rent a home with costs in line with their income and expenses. No one should be without housing. This is an amazing program that is also designed to help families/individuals with credit counselling, budgeting, savings, bill payment and homeownership management.

Why Mary’s Place Housing Program is Necessary

Mortgage Qualifications and Rental Qualifications have become increasingly difficult for families/Individuals to buy or rent a home. Mary’s Place Housing Program wants to Educate and Assist Individuals and Families, in all aspects of Home Rental and Home Ownership.

Education is the key to their success! When they succeed, the Lenders and Investors succeed, and the Landlords and communities succeed.  It is one thing to qualify to rent a home or qualify for a mortgage to purchase a home, however, it is education in Financial Literacy along with a habit-forming culture, that will reduce the number of home rental payment and mortgage payment defaults, and create a stable financial housing market for years to come. It is a win-win for Landlords and a win-win for Mortgage Brokers, Investors and Mortgage Lenders.

For more information, email: HousingProgram@marysplace.ca