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Founder's Message -Update on Community Needs

Mary’s Place Housing Program is an opportunity for everyone to support a Humanitarian Housing Project by, purchasing a Subscription Membership, or by, advertising with us.

Visit our Subscription Membership information page, and our Advertising information Page at,                                                                     https://marysplace.ca/individual-membership/  and https://marysplace.ca/advertising/

Mary’s Place is providing an opportunity for each of us to invest in our communities, and help to give individuals and families, affordable housing choices, and help to prevent Homelessness.

Our Goal continues to be, helping people with average or lower incomes to have “Truly Affordable Housing”!

2023 was an extremely difficult year for families throughout Canada. As rental costs soared, more and more people became unhoused. We had so many calls, from so many desperate families, who had jobs, but still could not find housing that they could afford. We did our best to help as many as possible, to navigate the municipal and provincial housing programs, and we were able to help accommodate some people with short term living arrangements. There never seems to be enough money to help everyone, which is why we need a better housing solution. We desperately need smaller, more affordable homes!

Education in financial literacy, housekeeping, and home maintenance, is also needed! So many tenants literally trash their landlords houses, or don’t pay the rent, and this, is also, making it difficult for them find new places to live. Our Mary’s Place Housing Program not only wants to help individuals and families to have “Truly Affordable Housing”, we also want to help them to succeed. When we succeed, the Mortgage Brokers, Lenders and Investors succeed, and the Landlords and communities succeed. 

Family Shelters: We desperately need Family Shelters, and transitional family housing.The Ottawa Valley, and surrounding areas, are seeing more and more, unhoused, Families, and we do not have the resources to purchase or build facilities. The Cost to provide temporary shelter in motels and hotels, cost so much more than if we had our own area family shelters. Please consider helping Mary’s Place to raise the money to build a Family Shelter in the Arnprior area and one in Renfrew County. This will help to take the pressure off of the City of Ottawa. Please consider purchasing a Subscription Membership to help with the funding. https://marysplace.ca/individual-membership/  

For more information, email: HousingProgram@marysplace.ca