Mary’s Place is an opportunity for individuals
to invest in a Humanitarian Housing Project in Canada.

It is an opportunity for each of us to invest in our communities and give all families the opportunity to enjoy home ownership.

The Goal is to help people with average or lower incomes to find affordable housing and at the same time create an opportunity for people of all income levels to invest in the Canadian Real Estate Market. The program is a win win for home ownership and home investment for people who would not qualify under normal conditions. The Program Structure makes sure that the project is a safe and sound investment for both the Home Owner and the Lender and guarantees that the principal value is always protected, in Trust. Lenders are guaranteed a generous return on the funds that they lend into the project over the term of each clients contract.

The Home Owner is guaranteed an opportunity to purchase a home without a down payment and without having to purchase expensive mortgage insurance. The Home Owner pays a reasonable appreciated value for their home. The value is assessed using MPAC guidelines.

The difference between the purchase price and the appreciated value of the home is the Lenders Guaranteed Return on monies Loaned. The Interest charged to the Client on their home purchase is used to support the project with overall profit sharing at the end of each term to each Lender. Our Volume Purchase Discount allows us to keep the homeowners appreciated purchase price of the home in line with current retail home prices. It is a Win Win for everyone!

The cost to purchase Fifty Four (54) New Homes is approximately fourteen and a half million dollars. It will take 145,000 people lending $100 each to fund the entire $14.5 million dollar
project. Accordingly as funds arrive, homes can be purchased for families. The program is for everyone including refugees new to our country. Everyone deserves the right to have a nice place to live in. Hard Working Families deserve the right to own a home with funding in line with their income and expenses. At Mary’s Place, we will do our absolute best to accomdate all applications types. This is an amazing program designed to help families with credit counselling, budgeting, savings, bill payment and home ownership management.

The program is for everyone including refugees new to our country.