The Mary’s Place Housing Program is dedicated to an amazing woman of absolute faith and courage. Mary Bonell would never turn anyone away, and she often said “there is always room for one more”. Mary would always make room for any unexpected guests and she would often take time out of her busy schedule to help a family in need. Mary gave everything, despite having nothing but her faith and courage to rely on. Her faith and courage, when paired together, modeled her positive mental attitude during her life’s journey here on Earth.

Making a difference and helping others was Mary’s passion, and throughout her lifetime, she came up with some innovative concepts that would serve the greater good. As Mary often made room in her own home for any unexpected visitors, she realized the desperate need for families to be able to own their own home. She firmly believed that every family should be given the opportunity to have a home that is geared to their income, and that families would have a better chance of successs if the financial system providing the home mortgage, also provided hands-on educational tools – not just a brochure, but hands-on tools that provided learning and accountability. Quite often, financial institutions assume that this knowledge and ability to understand the finance world is instilled in every individual, but as Mary realized, this isn’t always the case.

The team behind the Mary’s Place Housing Program believe, that this program will lead the way into a better tomorrow of family home ownership, void of exorbitant tiered lending fees and unrealistic high interest rates and costly mortgage insurance. As of October 17th, 2016, changes as to how families/individuals can qualify for a mortgage, will further limit low to middle class families in their ability to enjoy home ownership. The Mary’s Place Housing Program is on a mission to fill the gaps where financial institutions have failed families and deprived them of home ownership.

As Mary would have wanted, the housing program will include educational services, such as: credit counselling, credit building, budgeting, and retirement savings. These services will help to teach and build a new financial mindset and way of life for home owners.

Mary’s Place is also a unique opportunity for individuals to invest in a humanitarian housing program in Canada. It gives each of us the chance to invest in our communities and give every family the opportunity to enjoy home ownership.

We are starting in Ontario! Please help us to make a difference!

In loving memory of our mother (Mary Bonell),
Jennifer D Phillips-Renwick