We have an advertising sponsorship program!  
The Proceeds from this program will assist us to cover the costs to provide housing to families, who are extremely less fortunate.
Some Individuals and Families are homeless because Life Happened and they didn’t have a back-up plan. Most of these people just need assistance to get on their feet again. Sometimes when Wages and Bank accounts are garnished by CRA, people feel that they have nowhere to turn to for assistance.
Most of these people have jobs, but having been evicted, they are on the street standing in line for a room at a shelter or they have a room at a shelter and are striving to save their first and last month’s rent to get an apartment or a house.

Wendy’s Story                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   We are still fundraising for a Scarborough Family of three. Wendy, and her daughter and her granddaughter. Wendy is a personal care worker. She worked and made her mortgage payments for fourteen years until Life Happened. She was a passenger in two car accidents. Her benefits ran out, and because she was still not able to return to work because of her injuries, she lost her home and she and her family ended up on the street.

It is very sad to say that a Lender who appeared to be her knight in shining armor charged Wendy an exorbitant fee to buy out her mortgage and then eventually foreclosed on her. Wendy is still in a shelter with her family. Her daughter has another year of college. The family has their possessions in storage and pay approximately $450 a month to the Storage Facility. The Insurance Claim from the last car accident is still not settled. Wendy will soon be returning to work and is in need of an apartment or small house to live in.  The $450 being paid to the Storage Unit will help to offset her rent.  Please email if you can assist Wendy in any way possible.

It is amazing how Life Happens, and how we can lose everything. Our Credit, Our Dignity, and our ability to care for ourselves and our family. Wendy is just one example of a family in need.

Every Individual/Family/Investor/Advertiser will receive a special gift from Mary’s Place for their contribution. Businesses will be listed in our New Directory, which will be given to each new Mary’s Place Lease To Own Home Owner. We are also working on updating our Web Site to include an advertising directory and a beautiful 2018/2019 Calendar. “Stay Tuned!!”

Email: to help Wendy and her family  or click on our contact form and let us know how you can help and we will put you in touch with Wendy.

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