Mary’s Place Housing Program

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Jennifer Phillips-Renwick

Our Vision

Our Vision is for Mary’s Place Housing Program is to lead the way into a better tomorrow of family home ownership void of exorbitant tiered lending fees and unrealistic high interest rates and costly mortgage insurance. The latest changes to mortgage qualification after October 17th, 2016 will further limit low to middle class income earners in their ability to enjoy home ownership. Mary’s Place is on a mission to help in ways that financial institutions have failed us.

Mary’s Place Housing Program includes credit counselling; credit building; budgeting; and retirement savings. The program will create a new “Financial Management Habit” and way of life for home owners.

Don’t ever give up! Don’t be so willing to give up. Stay in the game. You can’t see the light at the end of the tunnel if you turn off the power. We each have the power within ourselves to rise above where we are! And we can do this, if we just stay in the game and refuse to give up!
Look beyond circumstance! See ourselves where we want to be! We have the power to make our dreams and desires become reality if we stay in the light and refuse to give up! We can’t change the way others see us, but we can change the way we see ourselves. We have the Power!
Jennifer D Phillips-Renwick

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