MARY’S PLACE IS OFFERING ADVERTISING SPONSORS OF $100,000 OR MORE, A life time advertising membership. This is an especially good deal for Housing Developers, Construction Companies and Real Estate Companies, as Mary’s Place Can Partner with these companies to purchase homes for our families.

Businesses give to many different charities world wide each year. Many donors are limited as to the Charities that CRA will allow them to donate to and receive a charitable receipt from. Mary’s Place Housing Program is offering an Advertising Sponsorship program to Businesses, so that they can support a Humanitarian Housing Program, through advertising, and receive a receipt for their sponsorship funding.

Mary’s Place is using the funds from the Advertising Sponsorship Program to assist families with their housing needs.

The Advertising will be three fold. An advertisement on our New Web Site with links to your Business Site; and an advertisement in our printed booklet that will be given to each New Lease To Own Home Owner when they take possession of their home; and an advertisement on our 2019 Calendar and Day Timer which will be distributed December1st, 2018.

Our Plan is to provide fifty four families with homes each year.

A $100,000 Advertising Life Time Membership will reap rewards for your business/cause/charity for years!!

Funding Goal: $13,728 Million:

Email: or Call 613-623-0011 for more information