Mary’s Place Housing Program is a Canadian business operating under the legal name of 9001727 Canada Inc.
Mary’s Place Housing Program Business Name Registration Number is 26172472 Effective Date 2016-11-24.
Mary’s Place Housing Program Incorporated (Canada) Number 003102721 Effective Date 2014-08-27
Mary’s Place is not a Registered Charitable Corporation
Mailing Address:                    88 Campbell Drive Arnprior, ON K7S 3G9     New Location February 12th 20182781 Lancaster Drive, Suite #401 Ottawa ON K1B 1A7      
Director:                                   Jennifer Phillips-Renwick Tel: 613-623-0011

New Location April 1st, 20182781 Lancaster Drive, Suite #401 Ottawa ON K1B 1A7

We look forward to working with our  amazing  Group of Professional Advisors and Consultants, to make Mary’s Place Housing Program a Success.                                                      

Jolene Hung                Investment Adviser                       

                                       Investors Group Financial Services Inc.  Ottawa South            


Nazaam Charania     Investment Adviser                        

                                       Investors Group Financial Services Inc. Division Director        


Lawrence Silber         Lawyer  

                                       Partner Kelly Santini LLP/SRL                                                     


Thomas Cumberbatch Marketing & Communications    

                                        Godzspeed Communications Inc.


Dalton Holloway        Account Manager                         

                                        Godzspeed Communications Inc.


Matthew Beamish      Technical & Marketing

Wayne Beamish          Purchasing, Infrastructure & Call Centre Services   

                                        6844022 Canada Incorporated                                                    


Samira Shahbazian    Real Estate Team Lead                 

                                        Ottawa Real Estate 


Marlene Grant            Chartered Accountant                 

                                        Chartered Professional Accountant CPA                                  


Jennifer Phillips-Renwick 

                                        Accounting Services                  

                                        Select Business Options Ltd.



David Delice                Mortgage Agent #M10002710  

                                       Direct: 613.261.5075


Basia Callow                  Housing Specialist